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Available for Adoption

Occasionally  we have an adult available OR help to place a dachshund in need. 

If interested, please fill out application here



Edna is Cameo's first owned Champion! also such a VERY sweet, loving girl!!

Edna available to right home


 While being a very sweet loving dog, she will also be protective till you tell her people are ok....then she is in their lap with kisses!


Color: Black/Tan

Standard Size @ 26lbs~


Theo is VERY loving and will follow you wherever you go!  He is very shy with new people when first meeting but warms up after while. Theo was held back for breeding but our direction in our program has changed therefore some LUCKY person gets a young dog without having to go through the puppy stages. 

Theo available to right home


Color: Blue base/shaded cream/piebald

Standard Size @ 18lbs~

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