Our Lovely Dams

Spice is my dream come true! She is a gorgeous show girl with a very loving personality. She is my beauty queen and knows it. 

Color: Shaded Cream

Carries: Cream & points


mother to  our Duchess


Sniffntells Wroyal Spice​​
               "Aka Beauty Queen"

Blue Belle is our diva of the house.

 A sassy little spitfire but such a lovebug.

A mama's girl through & through.

She is a Dancer & Princess daughter.

Color: Blue & Cream

Carries: Dilute, Cream & Piebald 


Cameo's Southern Blue Belle

               "aka Booboo"


Our super sweet Co-Owned girl Khaleesi is from our Perseus & Raja.

She loves to cuddle, and to hunt her lizards during her free time.

Color: Chocolate Based ee Cream

Carries: ee Cream, Chocolate & Piebald 




Gorgeous Duchess is from Dancer & Spice 2018 litter. She is a future mama here with a happy, go lucky goofy personality!


Color: Black & Cream  

Carries: Cream, possibly dilute, piebald




Miss Fiona is a super sweet girl with a bubbly personality. She is always happy and loves to be the first to greet people. Fiona is from our Remington & Ginger 


Color: Faux Blue  

Carries: Dilute  & Cream