Our Lovely Dams

Spice is my dream come true! She is a gorgeous show girl with a very loving personality. She is my beauty queen and knows it. 

Color: Shaded Cream

Carries: Cream & points


mother to  our Duchess


Sniffntells Wroyal Spice​​
               "Aka Beauty Queen"

Blue Belle is our diva of the house.

 A sassy little spitfire but such a lovebug.

A mama's girl through & through.

She is a Dancer & Princess daughter.

Color: Blue & Cream

Carries: Dilute, Cream & Piebald 

Cameo's Southern Blue Belle

               "aka Booboo"


Our super sweet Co-Owned girl Khaleesi is from our Perseus & Raja.

She loves to cuddle, and to hunt her lizards during her free time.

Color: Chocolate Based ee Cream

Carries: ee Cream, Chocolate & Piebald 




Gorgeous Duchess is from Dancer & Spice 2018 litter. She is a future mama here with a happy, go lucky goofy personality!


Color: Black & Cream  

Carries: Cream, possibly dilute, piebald




Miss Fiona is a super sweet girl with a bubbly personality. She is always happy and loves to be the first to greet people. Fiona is from our Remington & Ginger 


Color: Faux Blue  

Carries: Dilute  & Cream 



  Our sweet little Nala is from our Rusty & Duchess. She is granddaughter of Dancer & Spice. We are very happy how she has grown up and can't wait to see her future Cameo kids.


Color: Black/Cream Dapple 

Carries: Cream, dilute, ee cream and possibly chocolate




Miss Deja Vu is our pretty brindle gal from Grendox.  We are very excited to add this sweet onry gal to our program.


Color: Red Brindle  

Carries: ee Cream 




Rosie is our first standard girl with impressive show lines. So very happy to have her here at Cameo and can't wait to see what we do with her.


Color: Shaded Red 




We are very happy to add Jet to our program. She is VERY sweet and loveable. Can't wait to see what she produces for us.


Color: Black & Tan 

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